You are probably wondering who this random girl from California is and what makes her think she should have a blog. Well for starters my name is Ashley Kronberger, I am from Northern California and I am currently 21 years young. Many passions and hobbies have popped up through out my life and this is my new one. I have idolized so many well-known Youtubers (Zoella, Pointlessblog, Jenna Marbles, etc.) over the years and have always wanted to live their wonderful lifestyles. Those people are the reason blogging has become a new passion of mine and I hope that one day it will help me achieve my life goal of being my own boss and choose to wear my pajamas as my uniform for work. How I plan to make this work is beyond me and to be honest I am not really sure what it is that I am doing. I just hope that someone out there will choose to read this blog and help me move forward in overcoming life’s crazy obstacles and have a common interest in loving bloggers. Becoming an active blogger has opened my eyes so much and has in some ways inspired me to do more things, giving me topics to write about.