February Favorites

This is the hardest favorites posts I have ever done! Usually they are a breeze and I can easily find several new items that I wants to share with you guys but this month……..this was a tough one. Not many new things cam into my life I guess you could say but i still managed to scrounge up a few items that i would love to share. P.S. sorry if this is a short post ūüė¶

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Bar Cart 

For some reason I have always had this fascination with wanting a Bar Cart. I don’t know why, I don’t even drink! I just love the looks of them and even if you don’t drink you can still make it into anything you want and decorate it however you want. I have to admit, there are some really beautiful bottles out there with interesting designs and you can pretty much find one to match any homes style.

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January Favorites

I promise I will get better at doing a favorites post at the end of every month! I even wrote it in my day planner for every month to do a favorites post. January wasn’t a huge month for favorites but I did find a few things here and there that I would love to share with all of you. If you go back to my Christmas Haul everything has kind of been the same because who doesn’t enjoy there Christmas presents as much as possible and quick as possible haha January is all about enjoying those Christmas presents.

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Breakfast Parfait Jars

I believe I have mentioned this before but I really struggle with eating breakfast and I think I may have found something that really works for me. Everyone says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is true, when I don’t eat anything for breakfast I am usually starving by 10 in the morning which is not healthy. I was recently looking on Pinterest for some quick and easy breakfast ideas and I saw yogurt parfait cups as one of the top Pins and thought “I can do that! Just a few jars and simple ingredients.”

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For the Love of TV

In the past I have done a few book reviews here and there but today I would like to do something¬†a little different. I want to tell you guys about all my favorite TV shows and why I enjoy them so much. I’ll be honest, I watch way too much TV and I need to work on reading more and doing more than just sitting at home.

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Hello 2017

I know everyone says that “this will be¬†my year” and that “this year will be better than the last,” but you¬†never know what will happen.¬†2016 was definitely a rough year for a lot of people, more that a handful of¬†Hollywood stars have died,¬†a lot of popular couples have split, and personally for me it was rather stressful. I can’t predict what will happen but I do have some goals for myself that I hope to achieve.

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Christmas Haul

Every year Christmas just gets better and better! I’m not just talking about the gifts I received but also the gifts that were given. I can honestly say that I much more enjoy giving presents than receiving presents because I love to see the reactions that people make when they open their gifts. Continue reading

Project 7

A vast amount of people in the world chew gum on a regular basis. Why not chew for the greater good? I was recently in line at one of my local shops and you know how it goes, they put those little bits right next to the checkout line to make you buy more than just what you’re carrying, well¬†I have to admit this trick worked on me. I saw this adorable pack of gum with perfect packaging. You guys know how much I love my packaging! Continue reading

Winter Wonderland

Sometimes people just need a little vacation just to get their minds off day to day tasks. I was in definite need of a quick trip to relaxation so lee and I packed our things and took off for two days to the beautiful town of South Lake Tahoe where the snow was fresh and still fluffy. Throwing a snowball is definitely harder than it looks too… Continue reading